What Is Purple Weed?

Purple weedis surely a kind of marijuana which is purple in its color condition. The purple comes from colder or low temperature on which the weed is planted. Even, this color condition sometimes is assumed to either have quality or even be dangerous. In fact, purple weed is a cannabis or marijuana strain which was developed by some Dutch breeders. It comes once the harvest time is coming and in the flowering stage. Therefore, purple weed commonly appears in white trichomes. It is also being covered in crystals with somewhat sugar look which is mixed with the characteristic of purple weed.

How To Make Purple Weed?

Purple weed actually can be made by manual ways which are quite simple. Firstly, we should know that the purple color of purple weed actually comes from the lowering of temperature around. It even does not require anything as the additional ingredients. Besides, if you are good at coloring, you actually can use food coloring to turn the common weed to be purple weed. However, this method is not recommended since it is not naturally grown with the weed itself. The reason of purple weed is actually similar to the case that happens to orange. For such, orange turns to be orange as they are ‘orange’, the purple color of eggplant, black of raspberry, red of strawberry, and so forth.


This happening is naturally caused by the occurrence of anthocyanin accumulation. Here, the anthocyanin will build the plants up. That is actually natural way on how purple weed is grown and than used in the best dry herbs vaporizer. Besides, lowering the temperature of the area in which the weed is planted also affects the anthocyanin accumulation to turn the weed to be purpler. This purpling process is generally started by two weeks before planting the harvest. Then the flowering stage will take time in about 7 to 20 weeks. Right after 3 to 4 weeks of the plants’ growth, you can do temperature dropping in order to grow your purple weed. In the end, the cold temperature will likely result the weed as your wish and probably in high quality of strains, which here is the purple weed.

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How to Buy a LED TV

How to Buy a LED TV

Buying the best LED TV doesn’t merely involve the common approach of buying the largest flat screen TV that’s affordable. This, in fact, is the most wrong way of choosing an LED TV. Larger screen may not give the best quality picture in your room. There are several factors to consider while buying a LED TV. These include the size of the room, the average viewing angle, multiple use capabilities etc.

First, choose between an LED and LCD TV. The former is really an LCD TV that uses the LED backlighting instead of fluorescent lights. This subtle difference, however, lends LED TVs a better color, contrast and viewing angle.

How to Buy a LED TV

Measure the distance from where you would be mounting the TV to the normal viewing position. If you have several viewing positions in your home, get an average distance. Multiple the distance in inches with 0.535 and then round it up to get the optimal screen size of your LED TV. For instance, if your average viewing distance is 96 inches, then the optimal size will be 52 inches.

Decide between 1080p and 720p. While the latter is cheaper, 1080p give a better resolution and you can watch your HD video better in this screen. While this, sometimes, may not give a better quality picture, if you choose a higher pixel screen, it won’t cause the pictures to be pixilated. A larger pixel screen can make you use the LED TV as a computer monitor.

Check out the type of inputs of the TV. A computer connection would require a HDMI, VDI or VGA port depending upon your computer. You can also want HDMI input facility for enjoying high definition videos. If there are several inputs, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously. A stereo output would help you to connect the TV to an external surround sound system.

Look where the said inputs are located. If they are at the back of the TV then connecting them could be somewhat cumbersome, more so if you plan to wall mount your LED TV.

How to Buy a LED TV

Check the possible viewing angle from each sitting location. Beyond or outside the standard viewing angle, an LED TV can look considerably darker. The best position is of course directly in front of the TV. Go for a TV that has a truly wide viewing angle.

Read as many online reviews of LED TVs that you can find online. there are many sites that compare the size and specs of LED TVs.

you plan to surround your TV with multiple seats, choose a TV with the widest viewing angle possible.